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The National Library - Musical Collection Unit

The National Library - Musical Collection Unit

The Musical Collection Unit was sectioned off the National Library in 1934. Previously it had functioned as Musical Department. It accumulates manuscripts and musical prints. Some of the oldest items of the collection are safekept in the Manuscript Unit of the National Library. Books on music are included in general collection of the Library, newspapers and magazines in the Periodicals Department, programmes, posters and exhibition catalogues in the Audiovisual and Sound Recordings Collection Unit. The National Library boasts such valuable treasures as the autographs of Fryderyk Chopin, Józef Elsner, Julius Zarębski, Wladyslaw Żeleński, Ludomir Różycki, Karol Szymanowski, Witold Rowicki, Grażyna Bacewicz, Kazimierz Serocki, Kazimierz Sikorski, Bolesław Szabelski, Antoni Szałowski and smaller collections connected with Witold Lutosławski, Roman Palester, Tadeusz Baird, Stefan Kisielewski, Krzysztof Penderecki.


Manuscripts kept in the library:

Concerto F minor op. 21; Stichvorlage autograph
Mazurkas Op. 24; Stichvorlage autograph
Etudes op. 25 (manuscript of the whole opus: 2 autographs & copies of the rest etudes); Stichvorlage autograph
Nocturne D-flat major op. 27 nr 2; Stichvorlage autograph
Preludes Op. 28; Stichvorlage autograph
Mazurkas Op. 30; Stichvorlage copy (Julian Fontana)
Scherzo B-flat minor op. 31; Stichvorlage copy (Julian Fontana)
Mazurkas Op. 33; Stichvorlage autograph
Sonata B-flat minor op. 35; Stichvorlage copy (Adolf Gutmann)
Nocturnes Op. 37; Stichvorlage autograph
Scherzo C-sharp minor op. 39; Stichvorlage copy
Polonaises Op. 40; Stichvorlage copy (Julian Fontana)
The Mazurkas Op. 41; Stichvorlage autograph
Allegro de concert in A major op. 46; Stichvorlage autograph
Fantasy F minor op. 49; Stichvorlage autograph
Nocturnes Op. 55; Stichvorlage autograph
Mazurkas Op. 56; Stichvorlage autograph
Berceuse D-flat major op. 57; Stichvorlage copy
Sonata B minor op. 58; Stichvorlage autograph
Polonaise-Fantasie A flat major op. 61; Stichvorlage autograph
Nocturnes Op. 62; Stichvorlage autograph
Songs (copies of 2 songs); Copy
Songs (copies of 6 songs); Copy

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