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Chopin Society of Atlanta

Chopin Society of Atlanta

The Chopin Society of Atlanta was established in December of 2000. It is a not-for-profit organization devoted to promoting the medium of music, culture and the arts in the metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia, area.

Its goal is to generate understanding and appreciation of Frederick Chopin’s music and its influence on the art of piano performance, and piano compositions. Additionally, the Chopin Society of Atlanta is dedicated to advancing and promoting young talent in performing Chopin music.

The Chopin Society of Atlanta is a chapter of the Frederick Chopin Society in Warsaw, Poland, founded in 1934. The Frederick Chopin Society in Warsaw was established with an aim of publishing critique editions of Chopin’s works, collecting memorabilia - primarily autographs, and first editions of the composer’s works.

Today, the International Federation of Chopin Societies remains the world’s largest organization dedicated to the works of a single composer. In 1989, the International Federation of Chopin Societies received special recognition in Paris, France, when it was admitted to the International Music Council/UNESCO.

President: Dorota Lato.


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