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A publishing house active in Warsaw in the years 1822-32, run by Antoni Brzezina. The company possessed its own lithographic division and printing house which was purchased by A. Gałęzowski and Komp. in 1827. The firm published maily small piano compositions of Polish composers: Chopin, Elsner, Kurpiński, Ogiński. Brzezina published some works of foreign composers as well: Auber's, Weber's and Rossini's - but they were only short fragments of operas in easy transcriptions for home music making. From 1828 the firm continued as a publishing company of Brzezina and G. Sennewald under the imprint Brzezina i Komp. After 1832 Sennewald took over the publishing house and thus the history of Antoni Brzezina's publishing house came to a close.


Publisher printed the following Chopin first editions:

Rondo in C minor Op. 1 (1825)
Rondo a la Mazur in F major Op. 5 (1828)

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