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PAN Institute of Art

PAN Institute of Art


The Institute's task is the research into and documentation of Polish art and artistic culture, namely fine arts and architecture, music, theatre and film, in their historic and modern manifestations, and viewed in European and world contexts. Not merely individual research is carried out within the Institute, but there are also research team endeavours which require an institutionalized scope of instruments beyond the capacities of individual scholars. The results of these works, together with all the gathered collectionsLibrary form an indispensable research workshop serving the whole scholarly community dealing with the history of Polish art, architecture, music, folklore, theatre, and film.

Results of documentation efforts undertaken by the Institute serve as the bases for many publications in the disciplines represented within the Institute. They are printed in scholarly magazines published by the Institute and ranking among the leading scholarly periodicals in the topics they focus on, as well as different catalogues, dictionaries, bibliographies and syntheses.

The Institute enjoys the capacity to carry out doctoral studies; regular seminars are held on modern art, history and theory of contemporary modern art, anthropology and culture, interior design and artistic craft, history and theory of theatre, history and theory of music, culture of Nordic Countries.

The Institute has been involved in a close exchange and scholarly cooperation with institutions characterized by a similar research profile, museums, and foundations in Europe and all over the world.


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