Year 1823 Year 1823

24 February. At the Sixth Musical Soirée, he plays a Piano Concerto by Ferdinand Ries. The 'Kurier dla Płci Pięknej' [Courier for the Fair Sex] of 26 February prints a lengthy review: 'We can boldly state that we have hitherto not heard in the Capital a virtuoso who at such a young age could surmount astounding difficulties with ease and accuracy (he rendered the most beautiful Adagio with feeling and precision), in a word, who would bring such an exquisite talent to such excellence at his age. Ries's admirable work was worthily performed'. NB the same note also contains information on a performance in Vienna by another young pianist 'by the name of Liszt', who 'amazed everyone with the precision of his playing, the assuredness and power of tone with which he played the Hummel Concerto'.

3 March. Probably another performance by Chopin (?) at a further Musical Soirée, this time in the Fifth Concerto by John Field. The uncertainty results from the vague turn of phrase employed by the reviewer: 'once again we have had the opportunity to hear a talent which by all measures deserves our attention'.

17 March. At the Ninth Musical Soirée an unknown pianist performs a Piano Concerto by Hummel; again, the hypothesis has been put forward that the pianist in question was the thirteen-year-old Chopin.

6 May. Farewell concert by Maria Szymanowska, prior to her grande tournée of Germany, France, Great Britain and Italy; Chopin’s presence among the audience is not documented. Probably dating from this time are Szymanowska's 24 Mazurkas.

The summer holidays of this year were supposedly spent by Chopin – according to unverified information, in Pęcice, near Warsaw, on the Marylski estate.

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