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Ballade in G minor,  Op. 23

Title: Ballade

Type of the source: Stichvorlage autograph

Dedication: A Mr le Baron de Stockhausen


  • height - 23 cm

  • width - 30,5 cm

Number of pages: 16

Location: USA, Maryland, Private collection

Sound Library NIFC: F. 1468

ÖNB Pha: 361

First Editions:

Ballade in G minor, Op. 23 (French, M. Schlesinger)


Autograph manuscript with composer's dedication and signature on title page: Ballade / pour le piano forte / dediée à Mr le Barone de Stockhausen / par / FFChopin; publishers' addresses added in a foreign hand: op. 23. Leipsic chez Breitkopf & [et?] Haertel. Paris chez M. Schlesinger. Londres chez Wessel & Co M.S. 1928. Autograph in the private collection of G. Piatigorski's inheritors.

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