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Franciszek Lessel

Franciszek Lessel

Franciszek Lessel

*ok.1780 Warszawa, †26 XII 1838 Piotrków Trybunalski

Lessel Franciszek - Polish composer belonging to the generation of the composers prior to Chopin; Haydn's student.

Lessel was the composer of solo piano pieces and pieces for the piano and orchestra in the mature classical style. In his works one can easily recognize the influence of Mozart, with the highly developed virtuosity of an improvisatory character, bringing them close to the style brillant. It is particularly clear in the Piano Concerto in C major, Op. 14, the first polish piano concerto performed in Poland, which comes close to the brillant style not only through its piano texture, but also the shaping of the sonata form - both themes are in the cantabile mode and the virtuosic elements are realized in the introduction, interlinks and coda. The orchestral part is entirely subordinated to the solo instrument, as in Chopin's piano concertos.

It is very probable that Chopin knew Lessel's compositions, among which the concerto, but there is no evidence of such knowledge in any sources. The Concerto was composed in Warsaw in 1810 and it is not known if the work was performed again when Chopin attended the concerts in Warsaw. The work was published in Lipsk around 1813 and Chopin could familiarize himself with the piece from the printed score. It is known that in 1820s the works by Lessel - mainly chamber and religious were performed in Warsaw and Chopin must have heart them.

It can be assumed that Lessel's compositions were an important element of the Polish musical tradition, which functioned as one of the sources of Chopin's style and the background on which his style developed.     


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