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Franciszka Dekertowa

Franciszka Dekertowa

*ok. 1767 Wilno, †17 X 1827 Warszawa

Franciszka Grochalska, godmother to Emilia Chopin, was born in 1767 in Vilnius. She was the wife of Antoni Dekert, the elder son of Jan Dekert (1738-1790), Major of Warsaw, and his first wife, Róża Martynkowska. Antoni was born c.1764, and from 23 March 1790 served in the Lithuanian army with the rank of senior bombardier, and on 5 November that year ensign. On 11 November 1790 he was raised to the nobility by the Great Sejm, receiving the Trójstrzał [Three Arrows] coat-of-arms. He served in the army of the Duchy of Warsaw and ended up in the Veterans Corps; he died in Warsaw in 1814. After his death, his widow Franciszka was awarded a pension and lived near the Chopins, at 478 Senatorska St. She died there, childless, on 17 October 1827.

Franciszka was a frequent guest at the Chopins', and when Emilia Chopin received her official church baptism at the Holy Cross church, on 14 June 1815 (she had been baptised at home on 15 December 1812), she and Ksawery Zboiński were named godparents. She may possibly have helped the Chopins to run their boarding school. Judging from the numerous mentions to her in family correspondence, she was a very close friend of the family (Fryderyk often recalls her in his letters from the years 1825-1826, invariably asking for greetings to be passed on from her or to her).

Piotr Mysłakowski and Andrzej Sikorski (June 2006)

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