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Adolf Cichowski

Adolf Cichowski

*1794 Warszawa †7 X 1854 Paryż

Adolf Cichowski (Wąż). At the beginning he studied in Lviv, and in 1809 he joined the Warsaw School of Artillery.

As a lieutenanthe took part in 4 military campaign. Injured, in 1816 he resigned. Since 1821 he was a member of the Patiotic Society, for with in 1822 he was arested. 

During the November Unrising, he published the magazine Kurier Polski. After the tragic end of the uprising, he emigrated to Drezden and after his wife's death in 1835 he moved to Paris, where he helped Adam Czartoryski in his activities. He collected Polish memorabilia which were given to the Museum in Rappersville after his death.

Chopin stayed in close contact with Cichowski till the end of his life.



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