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Wojciech Żywny

Wojciech Żywny

Wojciech Żywny

*13 V 1756 Czechy, †21 II 1842 Warszawa

Wojciech [Adalbert] Żywny [Živný, Vojtěch; Zhyvny, Ziwny, Żiwny, Zwiny] - Polish composer and teacher of Czech origin. He studied violin, piano, harmony and conterpoint with Jan Kuchař, an expert on the music of J.S. Bach. Żywny came to Poland during the reign of Stanisław August Poniatowski, the last Polish king. For three years he was a music teacher at the court of Prince Kazimierz Sapieha. Afterwards he moved to Warsaw, where he was a piano teacher. Thanks to his connections with prince Sapieha he became a very highly valued teacher and had many students, i.a.: Jan Białobłocki, Dominik Dziewanowski, Tytus Woyciechowski. He was a close friend of the Chopin family and Chopin's first teacher (1816-1822).

After working with Chopin for six years Żywny decided that he couldn't teach young pianist anything more and they should finish the lessons. Chopin valued highly Żywny as a piano teacher and dedicated him the Polonaise in A flat major.


Dedicated manuscripts:

Polonaise in A flat major [op. posth.]; Presentation autograph

Dedicated first editions:

Polonaise in A flat major [op. posth.] (Polish, Gebethner i Wolff)

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