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Edward Wolff

Edward Wolff

*15 IX 1816 Warszawa, †16 X 1880 Paryż

Polish well known pianist and composer. Son of the famous doctor Józef Wolff and Eleonora Oestreicher - pianist amateur. His mother was his first piano teacher.

Since 1828 he studied in Vienna with V. Würfel. In 1832 he came back to Warsaw where he began studying composition with J. Elsner (private lessons). In 1835 he went to Paris where thanks to Chopin he was introduced to the artistic society.

At first he was a frequent guest in Chopin's apartment, sometimes even Chopin's copyist (I send you the Preludes, rewrite them - you and Wolff. From a letter to J. Fontana from Valdemossa, 22nd January 1839). But their relations quite quickly got worse. On the 20th October 1841 Chopin wrote to Fontana: I remind you once more about my Allegro. Do not show it to Wolff - he will pinch something and print it earlier like always.

Wolff composed over 300 pieces - mostly for the piano solo. He dedicated to Chopin his Grand Allegro de Concert, Op. 39 pour piano seul and his Hommage à Chopin, Rêverie-Nocturne Op. 169.


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