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Andrzej Tuchowski

Andrzej Tuchowski

Andrzej Tuchowski

Andrzej Tuchowski is a Polish musicologist and composer, a graduate of the Music Academy in Wrocław (two degrees with honours in music theory and composition). In 1981-82 he completed his post-graduate studies in musicology at the University of Southampton. He obtained his Ph.D. (1988) and habilitation (1997) in musicology at the Warsaw University. He received the 1st Prize at the International Composers' Competition in Castelfidardo, Italy in 2000 (for a Te lucis ante terminum for accordion), and distinctions at national competitions in Warsaw (1984) and Czechowice-Dziedzice (1991).

He is the author of symphonic, chamber and stage music; his works for accordion have been published by Rondo Edition (Prague), Astra (Łódź), and the Accordion Chair of the Music Academy in Warsaw.

His books include:

  • Symbolika oper Benjamina Brittena [Symbolism of Benjamin Britten's Operas] (1990),
  • Benjamin Britten - twórca, dzieło, epoka [Benjamin Britten: The Man, His Work and Time] (1994),
  • Integracja strukturalna w świetle przemian stylu Chopina [Structural Integration in the Light of Changes in Chopin's Style] (1996),

as well as a number of articles and dissertations published in Poland, the United States, Great Britain, Sweden and Russia. Currently he is professor at the Department of the Arts at the Zielona Góra University, and lecturer at the K. Lipiński Music Academy in Wrocław.


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