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Kazimierz Gierżod

Kazimierz Gierżod

Kazimierz Gierżod

*6 V 1936 Warszawa, †1 IV 2018 Grodzisk Mazowiecki

Kazimierz Gierżod, eminent pianist and teacher, was born on 6th August 1936 in Warsaw. He studied at the F. Chopin Music Academy in Warsaw in the class of Margherita Trombini-Kazuro, graduating with honours in 1962. He continued his studies at the Accademia Chigiana in Siena under Guido Agosti, receiving the Diploma di Merito. He won the 1st Prize at the Young Musicians Festival in Gdańsk (1964). As a concert pianist he appeared through Poland and abroad, including Europe, Australia, Japan, US, South America, Canada, China, Kuwait and Cyprus. He has made numerous recordings for Polish Radio and TV, as well as Polish and German labels. In his concert programmes, he gave a prominent place to Polish music.

He was also active as a teacher at the Music Academy in Warsaw, and held masterclasses in Poland and abroad. He was a frequent member of piano competition juries. Since 1988 he had been visiting professor at the Soai University in Osaka. In 1975-87 he was Dean of the Piano, Harpsichord and Organ Department at the F. Chopin Music Academy in Warsaw, and served as Rector of the same Academy for two terms (1987-93). Since 1976, he had organised piano courses for Japanese pianists. Since 1999, he has headed the Second Piano Chair at the Academy. He sat on the boards of several foundations and music societies. In 2002, he was elected President of the F. Chopin Society in Warsaw.

Kazimierz Gierżod had contributed to the unification of the Chopin movement in Poland. He had received many awards, including the Minister of Culture and the Arts for his outstanding artistic and teaching achivements. He was invited to the Programme Board of the NIFC on 4th December 2005.

NIFC, April 2018


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