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Vaclav Hanka

Vaclav Hanka

*10 VI 1791 Hořiněves, †12 I 1861 Praga

Czech linguist, writer and pedagogue. He studied theology in Prague and between 1813 and 1814 law in Vienna. Since 1822 he worked as a librarian in the Czech National Museum. He conducted a reform of the orthography of Czech language. On 16th of September 1817 he announced a discovery of a Czech manuscript from the turn of XIIIth and XIVth century. The manuscript was published in 1818 but it turned to be a forgery, which was proved in the second half of the XIXth century. 

In August 1829 Chopin wrote in his album the Mazur in G major (Jakieś kwiaty, jakie wianki) with the words by I. Maciejewski.


Dedicated manuscripts:

Mazur in G major for Vaclav Hanka (words I. Maciejowski) [op. posth.]; Presentation autograph

Dedicated first editions:

Mazur in G major for Vaclav Hanka (words I. Maciejowski) [op. posth.] (German)

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