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Ludwik Bronarski

Ludwik Bronarski

*13 IV 1890 Lwów, †9 XI 1975 Fryburg

Polish pianist and musicologist. He studied musicology in Vienna (1909-13), his teachers including Guido Adler and Richard Wallaschk, and in Freiburg (1914) under Peter Wagner. After the war he settled in Freiburg, where from 1945 to 1967 he taught piano at the conservatory. Apart from a handful of works on mediaeval music, almost the whole of Bronarski's musicological legacy is devoted to the music of Chopin.

The most important part of this work, encompassing aesthetic, analytical and editorial problems, comprises studies on Chopin's harmony, in which he formulated, among other things, the notion of the 'Chopinian chord', popular in later literature. The edition of Chopin's complete works of which he was co-author (together with Ignacy Jan Paderewski and Józef Turczyński) was prepared according to principles that were characteristic of those times and does not meet the requirements set before critical editions today.


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