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Tania Achot-Haroutounian

Tania Achot-Haroutounian

Tania Achot-Haroutounian

*3 I 1937 Teheran

Tania Achot-Haroutounian – winner of Third Prize in the Sixth International Fryderyk Chopin Piano Competition in Warsaw (1960). She began piano lessons at the age of eight in her hometown, Teheran. At fourteen, she left Iran for France, where she entered the Paris Conservatoire to study with Lazare Lévy. She also took lessons in Poland with Henryk Sztompka.


In 1955, Achot-Haroutounian participated in the Chopin Competition in Warsaw. She made it through stages one and two but failed to qualify to the finals. Five years later, in 1960, she again entered the competition and this time was awarded Third Prize.

Between her appearances in the Chopin Competitions, she participated in the ARD International Music Competition in Munich, where she was awarded an honorary diploma (1956), the Music Performance Competition in Geneva, reaching the semi-finals (1958), and the Long-Thibaud Competition in Paris (1959, Sixth Prize; 1965, no award).

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