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Jan Białobłocki

Jan Białobłocki

*ok. 1806, †31 III 1828 Sokołowo

Jan Nepomucen Białobłocki - born circa 1806, son of Jan and Katarzyna Zbijewska (despite the information in the literature, he was not born in Sokołowo in rypiński district in Dobrzyńska Land).

His father, born circa 1750, came from a family from Pomerania, coat of arms Ogończyk, the family settled in 18th century in gnieźnieński district. He was a successor of Dobrzyń on the Drwęca river (currently part of the Golub-Dobrzyń) and Sokołów, which properties he resold before death to Antoni Wybraniecki; until his death he held the position of the president of the District Council in Lipno. He died on 28th December, 1815 in Sokołowo.

Jan's mother, Katarzyna-Monika from the Zbijewski family was born circa 1779. On 25th March 1814 she bought the property Baiłkowo near Sokołowo from Ferdynand Beuth. Afer the death of Katarzyna's first husband, she married Antoni Wybraniecki, capitan of the 8th regiment of the cavalry of the Duchy of Warsaw, the knight of the gold Military Cross and the L'Ordre National de la Légion d'honneur and the successor of Dobrzyń on the Drwęca river and Sokołowo in rypiński district. Katarzyna died in Sokołowo on 25th March 1824 and was barried on 1st April in Dulsk. Her husband in 1834 sold the property in Sokołowo and Dobrzyń to Antoni Borzewski.

Jan Białobłocki learned firstly at home, and in 1816 became the student of the 1st class of the Warsaw Liceum. He studied under supervision of Mikołaj Chopin and was accommodated on Chopin's pension.  

On 21st February 1821 in Gniezno he gave up his properties Dobrzyń and Sokołowo to his father. From 23rd September, 1823Jan became the student of the Department of Law and Administration at the Warsaw University.

Jan Białobłocki was a close friend of Chopin and the addressee of many Chopin's letters. He died in his youth on 31st March, 1828, in family property in Sokołowo. He was unmarried and had no children.

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