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Kazumi Oshima

Kazumi Oshima

Kazumi Oshima

Studied musicology at Atomi University, Russian and Slavic culture at Sophia University (Tokyo), and musicology at the Tokyo University of the Arts, Graduate school of Music(Ph.D).

Freelance writer and researcher on music, especially on the works and life of Chopin. Published papers about Chopin and also the relationship between the November Uprising and music, including:

  • A Study of Polish Enthusiasm in Germany in the 19th Century (2005),
  • A Study of Two Versions of Karl Holtei's Musical play,"The Old General" (in Slavia Occidentalis Iaponica vol.10, 2007),
  • A Study of Karl Holtei's Musical Play,"The Old General"- its Features and Historical Influence on the European Culture in the 19th Century (doctoral dissertation, Sankeisha, 2009),
  • Chopin's Influence in Japan (2009).

Also, published books and essays under the pen name Miro Fujishima, including:

  • Chopin-Warsaw Fantasy (Chopin,2001),
  • Siloty and Rachmaninoff (in Ongaku Gendai, December 2003),
  • A Statue with the Mark of an Eagle-The Destiny of Frederic Chopin (Ongakunotomosha, 2003),
  • Włodzimierz Krzyżanowski (in Musica Nova, August 2004),
  • Scenes from Chopin's Life (in NHK Super Piano Lesson-Chopin, 2005).


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