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Ljudmila  Volskaya

Ljudmila Volskaya

Ljudmila  Volskaya

Born in 1959 in town Saky of the Autonomous Republic Crimea. Graduated from Kiev specialized musical school N. Lysenko on the class of piano. Studied in the class of the prominent pianist-teacher D. Yudelevich, continuer of traditions of the  piano performance  school created by T. Leshetizkiy and F. Buzony.

In 1983 graduated from piano faculty of the Kiev Conservatoire P. Tchaikovsky (the National Music Academy) on the class of professor М. Snegyriov, the pupil of Regyna Gorovyts. Received appointment to College of Culture in Kamenets- Podolsk. During twenty years had  been combining pedagogical work with  musically-elucidative activity. Prepared a fifteen programs cycle "Anthology of piano music". Gave about sixty concerts, in which united performance of musical compositions with the narrative about composers and styles. Her main preference was   Baroque music and music of epoch of Romanticism. Since 2005 has been living in  Kiev. Carried out deep historical researches of such topics as "F. List and Ukraine", «F. Chopin  and Ukraine». On the basis of found by herself  archived and historical materials developed  the theme «Carolina Wittgenstein, the Polish muse of F. List». On occasion of 160 anniversary of F. Liszt stay in Ukraine and 190 birth anniversary of C. Wittgenstein conducted the number of concerts, including one in the N. Lysenko Large hall of National  Philharmonic society of Ukraine, in Kharkov and Khmelnitsky philharmonic societies, and in House of Scientists of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. On the order of the Polish Institute in Ukraine has written the historical memorandum for the Chopin Committee on occasion of 200 anniversary of Chopin birth. Published a number of articles in scientific collections of Ukraine. Co-operates with the embassies of Hungary and Poland in Ukraine, takes part in their musical events. Is combining her scientific research activity with pedagogical and concert performance work.

Conducted the cycle of programs at the Ukrainian Radio dedicated to F. Chopin and F. Liszt and their relations with Ukraine. After her scenario and with her participation the Ukrainian TV channel Kultura (Culture) made the documentary film "Carolina Wittgenstein, the Polish muse of F. Liszt ". Has a son (21 years old) and a daughter (19 years old), both of them are University students. During her leisure time is fond of reading books about history, psychology and philosophy. Takes great pleasure in knitting and crocheting on her own design. Prefers to spend her holidays near the sea. Is socially active considering  her professional efforts as the personal contribution to the development of culture in the independent Ukraine.

In plans for the year 2010 is to carry out in different cities of Ukraine the cycle of the concerts-stories dedicated to the life and creation of Chopin. In 2011 is going to make a concert tour following the F. Liszt concert route in Ukraine.


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