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Iwona Sowińska

Iwona Sowińska

Iwona Sowińska - lecturer in the Institute of Cultural Studies of the Iagiellonian University. Author of many articles concerning the history and theory of the theatre, film music and contemporary cinema published in sets of articles and journals and also the author of two books Dźwięki i obrazy. O słuchaniu filmów (Katowice 2001) i Historia polskiej muzyki filmowej 1945-1968 (Katowice 2006). The second book has been awarded a Bolesław Michałek distinction for the best film book of the 2007 year.

She cooperated with the Warsaw National Film Company as a consultant of the project Chopin. Filmowe motywy [Chopin. Film mothives]. Author of the article Chopin w polskich filmach [Chopin in Polish films]. 

Author of over 100 encyclopedia texts to the Encyclopedia of the cinema (ed. T. Lubelski, Krakow 2003 and 2010). 




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