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Ferenc Liszt

Ferenc Liszt

Ferenc Liszt

*22 X 1811Raiding Doborján, †31 VII 1886 Bayreuth

Ferenc Liszt, hungarian composer, pianist and music writer. Liszt is the author of the first monograph dedicated to Fryderyk Chopin (Paris 1852). Though there are substantiated suspicions that the final version was the work of Karoline Sayn-Wittgenstein – Liszt's long-term life companion – she likely did not substantially influence the content. According to Liszt Chopin's genius is evidenced above all by the melodiousness and harmony of his compositions. This enthusiastic opinion is concerning almost Chopin's entire body of work (the exceptions being his concertos and sonatas) is expressed in generalities. Two chapters dedicated to Chopin's compositions (in order polonaises and mazurkas), are filled with broad descriptions of Polish dances and customs. The remaining chapters discuss among other topics, the role of the artist and art in society, characterise Chopin as a pianist and describe his circle of friends. Among the most valuable elements of the monograph – which were criticised by Chopin's family and later biographers – are above all Liszt's relations of his personal meetings with the Polish composer.


Dedicated first editions:

Etudes Op. 10 (French, M. Schlesinger)
Etudes Op. 10 - Book 1 (German, Kistner)
Etudes Op. 10 - Book 2 (German, Kistner)

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