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Miłosz Magin

Miłosz Magin

*6 VII 1929 Łódź, †4 III 1999 Bora-Bora

Polish pianist, pedagogue, composer. Between 1951 and 1957 he studied in the High School of Music in Warsaw with M. Trombini-Kazuro (piano) and J. Maklakiewicz and K. Sikorski (composition). In 1957 he won 4th prize in the Long and Thibaud Competition and 3rd prize in the Vianna sa Motta Competition.

In 1957 he emigrated to Engliand and three years later he settled in France.

In 963 his career was interrupted by a serious injury to his left hand. Between 1963 and 1973 he taught in the Conservatory in Paris and between 1975 and 1980 at the International Music University in Paris. Among his students there were: J.-M. Luisada and Ph. Giusiano.

Between 1968 and 1977 he recorded for Dekka very highly valued albums containing nearly all Chopin's works.

He composed many piano pieces, four piano concertos and two symphonies.


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