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Gastone Belotti

Gastone Belotti

*2 VIII 1920 Wenecja, †2 XI 1985 Padwa

Gastone Belotti - an Italian musicologist and music critic. He studied literature on the University of Padua (1938-1948) and then between 1948 and 1951 he studied musicology on the University of Florence. In his research he concentrated on the music of the first decades of XIXth century. Since 1970 as a foreign correspondent he cooperated with "Ruch Muzyczny" and Italian magazines Rivista Italiana di Musicologia and Nuova Rivista Musicale Italiana. He took part in conferences and symposiums devoted to Chopin in Bologna, Venice, Rome and Warsaw. In 1973 became the member-correspondent of the Chopin Society.

He devoted his research to the problem of the dating of Chopin's early works, he analysed and compared the manuscript sources. He discussed the problem of the connections between Chopin's works and Italian music and he was trying to find the source of Chopin's tempo rubato in Italian music.

He is an author of Chopin's biography Chopin - l'uomo (Milan, Rome 1974, 3 volumes) and extended biography Chopin (Turin, 1984) - containing Chopin's biography, analysis of his works divided into genres and a general chapter describing the sources of Chopin's style, the form, rhythm, harmony, melody, national style.


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