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Arthur Benjamin

Arthur Benjamin

*18 IX 1893 Sydney, †10 IV 1960 Londyn

Arthur Benjamin - English-American pianist and composer. He studied in the Royal College of Music in London. After the first world war he was a piano teacher at the Conservatory in Sydney but in 1921 he returned to London.

In 1924 he published his String Quarte, awarded prestigiours Carnegie Award. In 1926 he became the teacher at the Royal College of Music (among his pupils there was B. Britten). At the same time he composed his Concertino for piano, inspired by the music of G. Gershwin and his Blue Rapsody although it is difficult to find any influences of Gershwin's style in the Concertino itself. 

Benjamin was not only a composer but also very successfull pianist-virtuoso.  

Gershwin's music, though did influence his compositional style, was not as powerful as theLatin-American music. He composed pieces filled with the rhythms of Latin-American dances, among which one of the most famous is the Jamaican Rumba from 1938 - at first composed for two pianos, afterwards orchestrated. 

His compositions are known of their lightness, cheerful character and simplicity which can be seen in his first opera: The Devil Take Her to the text by English authors: Alan Collard and John Gordon. His most vague and serious opera is The Tale of Two Cities - but neither this one nor the first one has ever been performed on stage. 

He is known and esteemedalso for his film music. 


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