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Natalia Gavrilova

Natalia Gavrilova

*7 VII 1950 Moskwa

Natalia Gavrilova – 5th Prize winner, 8th International Frederic Chopin Piano Competition in Warsaw (1970). Natalia Gavrilova started taking private piano lessons at the age of four. She entered the Central Special Music School at the Moscow Conservatoire at the age of seven (1957), in Tatiana Kestner’s class. In 1967, she moved to the Moscow Conservatoire proper to study with Yakov Flier. She graduated in 1972. For the following two years, she completed her apprenticeship under Lev Oborin.

Ms. Gavrilova is award winner at three international piano competitions: the Long-Thibaud in Paris (3rd Prize, 1969), the Chopin Competition in Warsaw (5th Prize, 1970) and the Tchaikovsky competition in Moscow (final stage, 1974).

Ms. Gavrilova’s concert career took off after her success in Warsaw. She made her solo debut in Moscow in 1972. A year later, she went on tour of the Soviet Union and abroad. During the late 1970s and early ‘80s, she played recitals in Soviet television.

Currently she has withdrawn from performing in order to dedicate herself to her family.

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