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Józef Brzowski

Józef Brzowski

*22 XI 1805 Warszawa, †3 XII 1888 Warszawa

Polish composer, conductor and pedagogue. He took his first music lessons with Karol Kurpiński and since 1821 he studied in the Warsaw Conservatory: harmony with V. Würfel and cello with J. Wagner, he was also very good at playing the piano. Since 1824 he played in the Opera orchestra and since 1827 he was the assistant of the conductor. Between 1836 and 1837 he went on a trip round Germany and France and he stayed in Paris till June 1837. During his stay in Paris he met Chopin and frequently visited him.

During his trip Brzowski wrote a diary, which he completed with the memories written after returning to Warsaw. He published parts of his diary in Warsaw press. Unfortunately the manuscript was lost together with the whole collection of Polański during the second world war.


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