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Julian Czachowski

Julian Czachowski

*1814, †po 1866

Julian-Piotr-Konstanty Czachowski, son of Piotr and Kunegunda, née Makowiecka (b. c.1792; d. Góra Kalwaria, 19 May 1845), was born on 20 May 1814 in Rogolin, in the district of Radom. The Czachowski family came from Czachów, in the district of Bielsko in the Płock voivodeship, and used the Belina and Kuczaba coats-of-arms, although they were of the nobility with the Korab coat-of-arms. Julian's father, Piotr-Wojciech Czachowski (b. Piotrków Kujawski, 26 Apr. 1790; d. Czarny Las, 8 Apr. 1836) was the son of Joanna, née Krzyżanowska, and everything indicates that he was a close relative of Justyna Chopin, née Krzyżanowska (doubtless a cousin). He leased the estate of Rogolin and was subsequently owner of Czarny Las, in the district of Czersk. He was a lieutenant of hussars in the Russian Army Guard, and later a major in the Polish Army during the Russo-Polish War of 1831. Julian's uncle, and so presumably Fryderyk Chopin's cousin, was Dionizy Czachowski (b. Niedabyl, 5 Apr. 1810; d. Wierzchowiska, 6 Nov. 1863), a renowned military chief of the Sandomierz voivodeship during the January Rising. Julian also had siblings: Marianna-Anna, (b. Jedlińsk, in the district of Radom, 21 July 1824; d. after 1851), Józefa-Gabriela (b. Jedlińsk, 18 Mar. 1828; d. Czarny Las, 25 Dec. 1837) and Feliks-Antoni (b. Czarny Las, 9 June 1832; d. Warsaw, 6 May 1891), a participant in the January Rising.

From 1825, Julian boarded with the Chopins, as we learn from a letter sent by Fryderyk to his friend Jan Białobłocki on 8 September 1825: "[...] we've a new student, the brother of Tekla Czachowska's son, and our nephew, Juliusz Czachowski, who fills the whole house with laughter by constantly calling out to Auntie Zuzia, Auntie Ludwisia, Auntie Izabelka, Auntie Emilka and myself, Uncle Fryc [...]". In 1843 he was in possession (most probably leasehold) of the Skolimów estate in the district of Warsaw (now part of the town of  Konstancin-Jeziorna). Following his mother's death, Julian bought out his sister Marianna and acquired the Czarny Las estate from his brother Feliks. On 24 June 1852 he then sold it to Franciszek Valentin d'Hauterive for 31,000 silver rubles, and in 1860 he disposed of the grange of Czachów, in the district of Czersk, in favour of Henryk Łempicki. Next, before 1861, he purchased the estate of Sarny, located on the Wieprz in the district of Żelechów. In 1861 he was a member of the Agricultural Society. Julian served in his uncle Dionizy's unit in the January Rising. In 1863 he travelled to Dresden, where he was an agent of the National Council. In June 1864 he returned to Poland and in September was arrested after being informed on. However, the Permanent Committee of Investigation found no proof of his guilt and in December that year he was freed. No photograph or portrait of Julian has come to light, but we do have a physical description from 1851, when he was applying for a passport in connection with his wife's treatment in Ostend: "[...] of good height, hazel eyes, black hair, oval face, average nose [...]".

On 18 May 1844, in Sobików in the district of Czersk, Julian Czachowski married Eleonora-Konstancja Kwasiborska, daughter of Albin and Magdalena, née Olszewska. She was born c.1824/1825 in Warsaw, and died at the end of December 1863 in Dresden; she was buried in the local Catholic cemetery on 30 December. They had three children: Bronisława-Anna (b. Czarny Las, 5 Mar. 1845), married name Charkowska, Władysław-Piotr (b. Czarny Las, 5 Mar. 1846) and Wanda-Magdalena (b. Sierzchów, in the district of Czersk, 28 July 1850), married name Pilecka. Julian died after 1866 (the exact date and place have not been established), and his descendants were still living at the end of the twentieth century.

Piotr Mysłakowski and Andrzej Sikorski (November 2006)

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