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Katherine Erskine

Katherine Erskine

*1791, †4 III 1868

Katherine Erskine nee Stirling, sister of Jane Stirling. In 1811 she married James Erskine who unfortunately died in 1816.

She was one of Chopin's students, which is proved by the entries in his calendar from 1848. Together with her sister, Jane, they organized Chopin's trip to England and Scotland. In a letter from 19th August 1848 Chopin wrote: I arrived here, 12 miles from Edinburg. Lord Torphichen is an old, 70 years old Scotsman, Ms. Stirling's and Mrs. Erskine's brother-in-law. - my good-hearted Scottish ladies, who I have met long time ago in Paris, and who are so thoughtful

In a letter to W. Grzymała from 17th and 18th October Chopin wrote from London: My good-hearted Scottish ladies are boring me again. - Mrs. Erskine, very religious protestant, good-hearted, maybe she would like to change me into a protestant - because she keeps bringing me Bible and talking about the soul - writing down the psalms - religious, good-hearted, but she cares very much about my soul - she always tells me, that there is a better world then this one - and I know all this and reply her with quotations from the Holy Scripture and I explain to her that I know about all it.


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