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Jane Wilhelmina Stirling

Jane Wilhelmina Stirling

Jane Wilhelmina Stirling

Jane Wilhelmina Stirling - Scotswoman, Chopin's student. Chopin aprecciated her playing. She and her sister organized composer's visit and concerts in England in 1848. Stirling bought a majority of his legacy (including Pleyel piano). She donated some of them to Chopin's friends and family. Stirling also looked after gravestone of composer at the Père-Lachaise cemetery.

The collection of notes of Jane Stirling with hand-written Chopin's comments uncludes almost all of his works. E. Ganche used this collection creating the edition of Chopin's composition.

Chopin dedicated his Nocturnes op. 55 to Jane Stirling.


Dedicated manuscripts:

Nocturnes Op. 55; Stichvorlage autograph
Nocturne in F minor, Op. 55 No. 1 Op. 55 No. 1; Copy

Dedicated first editions:

Nocturnes Op. 55 (French, M. Schlesinger)
Nocturnes Op. 55 (German, Breitkopf & Härtel)
Nocturnes Op. 55 (English, Wessel & Co.)

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