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Eliza Peruzzi

Eliza Peruzzi

Countess Eliza Peruzzi nee Eustafiew, of Russian origin, very talented and beautiful Chopin's student. She was one of those Chopin's students who chose a career as a concert pianist though usually giving concerts only in salons. G. Chouquet in one of his letters to F. Niecks mentioned that she had such a great talent as countess Czartoryska. Her playing was full of charm and artistic feeling.  

She was one of the favourite Chopin's students. They met in 1936. 

Chopin valued highly especially her easiness in playing a vista and he willingly played with her pieces for two pianos and four hands. 

Peruzzi frequently organised music mornings in her salon and she sucessfully performed both Chopin's concertos during those special meetings. 

„Revue et Gazette Musicale” informed about a special music evening on the 29th of January 1843, during which Peruzzi played with Chopin one of his concertos in a version for two pianos. Similar concert took place on 21th of April 1844.

In 1837 Chopin gave Peruzzi an authograph of his Waltz in A flat major WN48 with a hand written dedication: „à Mme Peruzzi hommage de FFChopin 1837”. 


Dedicated manuscripts:

Waltz in A flat major [Op. 69 No. 1] [Op. 69 No. 1]; Presentation autograph

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