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Carlo Soliva

Carlo Soliva

*21 XI 1791 Casale Monferrato, Piemont, †20 XII 1853 Paryż

Carlo Evasio Soliva - Italian composer, teacher and conductor.

He studied with Asioli and Federici at the Milan Conservatory and in 1815 was engaged as a conductor at La Scala. In 1821 he moved to Warsaw, where he became one of the foremost figures in musical life. He taught singing and harmony at the conservatory. From 1827 he was the director of the School of Singing and Declamation. He also conducted many operas and symphony concerts in Warsaw, including Chopin’s farewell concert on 11 October 1830.

In 1832 he moved to St Petersburg, where from 1834 he was conductor, director of the opera and teacher of music theory and head of singing classes at the school of drama. In 1841 he settled in Paris.

He wrote a two-volume textbook: Szkoła śpiewu konserwatorium muzycznego w Warszawie (‘School of Singing of the Music Conservatory in Warsaw’).


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