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Hugo Leichtentritt

Hugo Leichtentritt

*1 I 1874 Pleszew k. Kalisza, †13 XI 1951 Cambridge, Massachusetts

Hugo Leichtentritt was a German musicologist and composer. He studied the humanities at the Harvard University, in Paris and Berlin (including musicology with Oscar Fleischer). In 1933, he settled in the United States, lecturing at Harvard and the New York University.

Among his writings on Chopin is the popular biography Frédéric Chopin and the scholarly Analyse der Chopin'schen Klavierwerke in two volumes. In the latter work, he proposed an unprecented analysis of nearly all Chopin's works, emphasising their architecture and harmony; his conclusions contributed to a revision of earlier, often detrimental opinions about some works (such as the Sonata in B flat minor). Although criticised for its simplified interpretation of Chopin's form, which he treated as a modification of Classical patterns, its schematic analysis of harmony (using Riemann's categories) and often naïve interpretations of Chopin works' emotional dimension, the work of Leichtentritt has remained a reference for future generations of Chopin scholars.



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