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Bronisław Edward Sydow

Bronisław Edward Sydow

*4 V 1886 Szamotuły, †29 V 1952 Warszawa

Bronisław Edward Sydow, educated economist, he studied in Chile, and between 1905 and 1920 lived in South America. In 1920 he settled down in Sopot. During the second world war he was the honorary consul of Paraguay and Honduras in Poland. 

Since 1945 he had been a secretary and member of the board of the Chopin Institute in Warsaw. 

During the war he collected and stored Chopin's letters, and also gathered matherials to a Chopin bibliography. In 1945 he was the one orking on moving Chopin's heart back to Poland and putting it in the Church of the Holy Cross in Warsaw.  

He was the initiator of the Chopin festival in Duszniki, which has started in 1946. 

He was also one of the most active organisers of exhibitions devoted to Chopin's life and works. He published many articles concerning mainly biographical facts and problems like the issue of Chopin's real date of birth.

He was the author of the first Polish Chopin bibliography and also collected and published in 1955 a set of Chopin's letters - the biggest and most completed set of letters known for the time. 



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