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James Gibbons Huneker

James Gibbons Huneker

James Gibbons Huneker

*31 I 1860, †9 II 1921

James Gibbons Huneker - American music critic, writer and pianist, author of a book devoted to Chopin's life and output.

He studied the piano with George Mathias and then Edmund Neupert and Rafael Joseffy (Liszt's student). Between 1888 and 1898 he taught the piano in the Conservatory in New York.

Since 1898 he worked mainly as a publicist - he published articles, essays and reviews in the New York press (Recorder, New York Sun, New York Times). Since 1912 for two years he worked as a foreign correspondent of the New York Times.

He is an author of over 20 books - mainly sets of articles and essays. He published also highly valued analysis of the works of Brahms. He wrote Chopin's biography in which he described Chopin's works from the perspective of a pianist.


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