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Wanda Landowska

Wanda Landowska

Wanda Landowska

*5 VII1877 Warszawa, †16 VIII 1959 Lakeville, USA

Famous Polish harpsichord player, specialising in the 17th and 18th century music. Born in 1879 in Warsaw. She started taking piano lessons at the age of 4, and afterwards she became a student of the Warsaw Conservatory where she worked with Michałowski. In 1895 she went to Berlin to continue her music education in counterpoint and composition. 

In 1900 she married Henryk Lew - actor, journalist and in 1909 they published together a book called "Musique ancienne". H. Lew supported his wife in her aspirations to built a harpsichord as close to the 18th centuryinstrument as possible.

She thought that the works of Bach and other baroque composers should not be interpreted on a contemporary piano and she was supported by Albert Schweitzer, Paul Dukas and Gabriel Faure. In 1912 in Wrocław she played the first concert on a first model of a Pleyel harpsichord biult according to the requirenments. In 1913 she started teaching the harpsichord class at Hochshule fur Musik in Berlin.

W 1913 zaczęła prowadzić klasę klawesynu w Hochshule fur Musik w Berlinie.



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