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Grzegorz Michalski

Grzegorz Michalski

Grzegorz Michalski

*1946 Łódź

Polish musicologist, organiser, journalist and popularizer. He studied musicology at the Warsaw University i.a. with Zofia Lissa. In 1995 he attended also a study for radio managers in Cologne. 

Between 1971 and 1973 he was editor in the Ruch Muzyczny journal and afterwards, from 1974 to 1981, manager of the Section of the Classical Music in the Polish Television. He was an author of many TV musical broadcasts, i.a. cycles Wtorek melomana [The music lover's Tuesday] and Stereo i w kolorze [Stereo and in colour].

Between 1982 and 1988 he was a programme consultant of the Warsaw Philharmonic and in August 1988 he was chosen to become cheif-editor and director of the PWM Edition in Kraków. Between 1990 and 1992 he worked in the Ministry of Culture and Art as the undersecretary responsable for the artistic school system, music and foreign cooperation, later the proxy responsable for the Chopin Heritage.

He was also connected with the Polish Radio, Programme 2, where he worked as a commentator. He was an organiser of many Polish Radio Music Festivals, i.a. in 1997 – Szymanowski i jego Europa’ [Szymanowski and his Europe], in 1999 – Chopin – źródła i konteksty [Chopin - sources and contezts], in 2000 – Bach tysiąclecia’ [Bach of the millenium], in 2001 – Witold Lutosławski’ [Witold Lutowsławski].

Between 1998 and 2000 as the proxy of the Minister of Culture and Art, he was the coordinator of the Chopin Anniversary Year. In 2001 he was chosen a director of the Fryderyk Chopin Institute in Warsaw and remained in this position till 2008, with a break in 2006. Since 2011 till 2014 he was a member of the Programme Board of the Chopin Institute and since 2008 till 2013 he was president of the Witold Lutosławski Society.

Grzegorz Michalski is an author of many articles concerning i.a. the new music (after 1937), the life and music of Witold Lutosławski.


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