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Solange Clésinger

Solange Clésinger

Solange Clésinger

*13 IX 1828 Nohant, †17 III 1899 Paryż

Clesinger-Dudevant Solange, a second child of George Sand and Casimir Dudevant. Perhaps her real father was Jules Ajasson de Grasagne. She was nine, when George Sand joined with Chopin. Frederic and Solange made friends. Chopin gave her piano lessons.

In 1847 Solange married August Clésingera. Their marriage was unfortunate. Solange constantly was in contact with Chopin, which caused her mother's jelaousy.  

Solange with Adolf Gutmann watched over Chopin when he was dying. She also collaborated (with her brother) at preparing the first edition of Correspondance générale  of George Sand. She left some notes about Chopin, used by J. J. Eigeldinger in Souvenirs inédits par Solange Clésinger. Samuel Rocheblave, biographer of George Sand, released the correspondence of mother and daughter entitled George Sand et sa fille d'après leur correspondance inédite (1828-1873).

Solange Clésinger, as Solange Clésinger-Sand, published two novels: Jacques Bruneau (1869) and Carl Robert (1885).


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