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Mateusz Gliński

Mateusz Gliński

*6 IV 1892 Warszawa, †2 I 1976 Welland (Kanada)

Polish musicologist, composer, conductor, pedagogue, music critic. In 1949 he founded and was the first director of the International Chopin Institute in Rome. In 1956 he moved to USA where in Detroit he founded International Chopin Foundation. In 1976 he was posthumously honoured with the medal by the Chopin Society in Toronto.

He published the false letters from Chopin to Delfina Potocka and tried to prove their authenticity i.a. in the paper given during the first International Chopin Congress in Warsaw in 1960. He is also the author of a theatre play entitled Chopin’s secret (play in 3 acts, Warsaw 1975).


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