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Camille Pleyel

Camille Pleyel

Camille Pleyel

*18 XII 1788 Strasburg, †4 V 1855 Montmorency

Camille (Joseph Stephen) Pleyel, French pianist and composer of austrian origin, the son and student of Ignaz Pleyel. He took piano lessons with J.-B. Desormery, J.L. Dusík and D. Steibelt. He went also on many concert trips, i.a. to London, where he became familir with the English pianos. 

Since 1815 he run the piano factory with his fathe and 1824 he took over his father completely. He was very successfull at advertising, supporting many pianists such as: F. Kalbrenner, J. N. Hummel F. Hiller, I. Moscheles and F. Chopin.

On the 1st of January 1830 Pleyel opened a private concert hall - Salle Pleyel - which became one of the most popular and famous concert halls in Paris. 

As a composer he wrote a string quartet, three trios for the piano, violin and cello and many small piano pieces. 

He was a close friend of Chopin and went with him on the concert trip to London in 1837. The Pleyel publishing house printed such Chopin's op.. 16, 17 and 19 and Chopin dedicated his Nocturnes Op. 9 to Pleye's wife. 

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Dedicated manuscripts:

Preludes Op. 28; Stichvorlage copy (Julian Fontana)

Dedicated first editions:

Preludes Op. 28 (French, Ad. Catelin et Cie.)
Preludes Op. 28 - Book 1 (English, Wessel & Co.)
Preludes Op. 28 - Book 2 (English, Wessel & Co.)

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