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Ignaz Moscheles

Ignaz Moscheles

Ignaz Moscheles

*23 V 1794 Praga, †10 III 1870 Lipsk

Ignaz Moscheles - Czech pianist, composer and conductor, taught by C. M. Weber (1804-1808). He studied in Vienna with Johann Albrechtsberger and Antonio Salieri. He also met Beethoven and studied his works.

Since 1815 he performed as a pianist in Paris, Prague and numerous cities in Germany. In 1825 he moved to London and worked at the Royal Academy of Music as a piano teacher. S. Thalberg was his student. Moscheles performed as a conductor with the Royal Philharmonic Society Orchestra. He played with Mendelssohn, Thalberg, Liszt, Herz and Chopin (1839, London).

Moscheles together with Fétis wrote the Méthode des méthodes de piano, published in 1840 in Paris. The authors put the compositions of Liszt, Thalberg, Heller and Trois nouvelles études of Chopin in their book.

Moscheles' compositions were included to Chopin's repertoire at his early performs. Pianists performed together in Paris. Chopin appreciated Moscheles'works as a pedagogical material. Some of his own compositions show Moscheles' influence (Impromptu in C sharp minor, recitativo from the second part of Piano concert in F minor).


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