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Elena Esteban  Muñoz

Elena Esteban Muñoz

Elena Esteban  Muñoz

Elena Esteban Muñoz, (Ph. D. Sciences and History of Music by Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain) - born in Madrid, where she earned the Superior Teacher of Piano, Chamber Music and Musical Language Bachelor's degrees.

In September 2004 she presented her Doctoral Thesis, entitled The Pianistic Version: defence of the aesthetic and stylistic manners of the pianist on his performance, considering his abilities, knowledge and creativity, directed by Professor Claudia Colombati (Roma II University).

Although her performance in public and teaching work is focused on piano practice, she has widened her studies with violin performance, choir and orchestra conducting and music education for people with special needs. Recently, she has founded the Revista Musical del Anteno de Madrid.

She has composed the music for a short film (Alma vacía) and a musical advertisement for radio. She works as a Piano Teacher in the Superior Conservatory of Madrid and as an associated teacher in the Faculty of Education (Musical and Corporal Expression Department) at Complutense Universidad of Madrid, where she imparts lessons of Ph. D. and directs an International Educational Researching Seminar in Musical Appreciation and Performance.


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