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Arthur Hedley

Arthur Hedley

*12 XI 1905 Shiremoor, †8 XI 1969 Birmingham

Arthur Hedley, English musicologist and collector.

He was a French teacher, not professionally connected with music. Anyhow, he devoted himself to Chopin. He had been collecting autographs and memorabilia of Chopin throughout 30 years. In 1963 he sold and gave autographs of Chopin's letters and copies of his compositions to Frederick Chopin Society. A big part of his collection was bought by Anne Marie Boutroux de Ferra (+1986). This part currently is in the Museo de Chopin in Valdemossa. Hedley was a honorary member of Frederick Chopin Society, and in 1949, 1969, 1965 he was a president of jury at International Chopin Piano Competitions in Warsaw.

He published a lot of works about Chopin  - Some Notes on Chopin Biography, ML XVIII, 1937; Chopin. The Man, in: F. Chopin, ed. A. Walker, London 1966, A. Teichmann and his album, M 1953 no 1-2, Some observations on  the Autograph Sources of Chopin's Work, in: BookCh. and the most famous, monograph of Chopin (London 1947). He also translated and released Chopin's correspondence (Selected Correspondence of F. Chopin, London 1962).This is he only English edition of Chopin's letters.


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