Kowalewo Kowalewo

At Kowalewo, Chopin stayed in the manor house of Count Ksawery Zboiński, a relative of the Dziewanowskis of Szafarnia. Kowalewo was a base for the journey to Gdańsk which Fryderyk probably made in 1827.

Chopin thus characterized the atmosphere at Kowalewo in his correspondence: 'It's now morning, 8 o'clock [...] the air is fresh, the sunshine lovely, the little birds are chirping, the stream is dry, or it would be murmuring, but there is a pond and the frogs sing prettily.' [1]

It is not known how the Zboińskis' home looked. Preserved at Kowalewo to the present day is only the manor house (situated most probably in the same place as its predecessor) erected in 1859 for Antoni Jabłoński, to whom Kowalewo belonged in the years 1854-1891. [2]

The hamlet of Kowalewo is situated several kilometres from Drobin in Płock county.

Worth seeing in the area:

  • Parish church of St Stanislaus the Martyr, in Drobin, with the Renaissance gravestones of the Krzyńskis.
  • Kuchary manor, in which Helena Mniszek lived and wrote, now the property of the Karma Kagyu Buddhist Centre and a meeting-place for Buddhists from all over Europe.

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