Rościszewo Rościszewo

The estate in Rościszewo on which Fryderyk stayed in the summer of 1827, together with Count Zboiński, was one of the stops on his journey to Pomerania. There, before continuing the journey, he attended Sunday mass in the village church. The church of the Care of St Joseph, built in the years 1779-81, was founded by General Benedykt Jeżewski, and it still stands today.

Preserved to the present day is the eighteenth-century single-storey manor house with two annexes-the former seat of the Jeżewski family, the owners of Rościszewo. The house was rebuilt several times in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

The land of Rościszewo and the surrounding area contains flat arable fields, a forest, meadows and the River Skrwa Prawa, which issues from Skrwileński Lake and is a habitat for beavers. Besides houses and farm buildings, the village also contains a primary and gymnasium school, a library and Communal Council Offices.

Worth seeing in Sierpc:

  • Mazovia Countryside Museum-an open-air ethnographic museum extending over 60.5 hectares within the town boundaries, on the River Sierpienica, where it flows into the Skrwa
  • town hall on the Market Square; now the seat of the Mazovia Countryside Museum
  • Kasztelanka mansion
  • parish church of SS Vitus, Modest and Crescence
  • historical Benedictine Sisters' convent and Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary with a gothic figure of the Madonna and Infant