Warsaw: "Botanika" park behind Casimir Palace Warsaw:

In Chopin's day, part of this land was given over to a small botanical garden. Fryderyk wrote in a letter to Jan Białobłocki that the Chopins possessed a key to the garden, which was his favourite place for playing near his home. In later years, as a pupil of the Warsaw Lyceum, he would often walk around 'Botanika' or read there.

The present-day Casimir Park is situated, as in the nineteenth century, beneath the complex of buildings of Warsaw University, at the back of Casimir Palace. On the opposite side, a complex of greenery borders with Browarna Street. In recent years the land has been spruced up, and it is once again a fine place for a stroll; the park is adorned by trees, lawns and colourful flower beds.

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