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During his studies, Chopin, together with Tytus Woyciechowski and Karol Weltz, attended Italian lessons, given by 'a certain Rinaldi' and also private English lessons, which Wilhelm Kolberg described in his memoirs: 'In 1829 I was living on Krakowskie Przedmieściestreet  in a tenement house on the corner of Oboźna street; Chopin and his parents lived in Krasiński Palace. He came to me three evenings a week for English lessons, which we took with Julian Fontana from a teacher of Irish extraction well known in Warsaw at that time, Makartnej (sic) [...] These lessons were enlivened by an extraordinary contest of concepts, gestures and jests, initiated for the most part by Chopin.' [1]

[1] Mieczysław Tomaszewski: Chopin. Człowiek, dzieło, rezonans, 36