Warsaw: Belvedere

Warsaw: Belvedere Warsaw: Belvedere

After the year 1822, the young Fryderyk, who had already gained a reputation as a talented pianist, was a regular guest of Grand Duke Constantine and his wife, Joanna, née Grudzińska. During his visits in the picturesquely situated Belvedere he not only gave concerts, but also spent time playing in the Royal Baths Park.

The Belvedere adjoins the Royal Baths Park. It was built in the seventeenth century, but only gained its classicist character following its rebuilding at the beginning of the nineteenth century, carried out by Jakub Kubicki. From 1818 it was the residence of Grand Duke Constantine.

The building only came into the possession of the Polish state when Poland regained her independence. It was the residence of Marshal Józef Piłsudski, as was commemorated several years ago with a splendid monument made by Jan Konarski, situated immediately next to the palace. After the Marshal's death, in the years 1935-39 the Belvedere was home to the Piłsudski Museum. The building luckily escaped destruction during World War Two, as it was one of the residences of the occupying German authorities.

The palace, situated on the boundary with the Royal Baths Park in Warsaw, is located at 54/56 Belwederska street and today is one of the residences of the President of the Republic of Poland.




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