Warsaw: Cafés

Warsaw: Cafés Warsaw: Cafés

On ul. Miodowa, besides numerous bookshops and musical instrument shops, there were also cafes frequented by Chopin. Opposite Brzezina's music store, in Tepper Palace on ul. Miodowa (plot no. 495), the café Pod Kopciuszkiem [Cinderella's] was in business during the years 1826-30. This functioned as a theatre café. In its tastefully furnished interior, the older generation of artists and musicians, including Ludwik Osiński and Karol Kurpiński, would gather over excellent coffee. The discussions on art that flourished here were dominated by ideas informed by classicism and French tragedy.

On the entresol of the same mansion was the Dziurka [Little hole] café. Most numerous among its regular clientele were young men, chiefly the Romantic literati fascinated by Goethe, Schiller and Mickiewicz. Chopin would come here in the company of Maurycy Mochnacki, Bohdan Zaleski and Antoni Edward Odyniec.

Another nearby establishment was the Honoratka, situated in an annexe of the old Zadzikowski (Chodkiewicz) Palace on the corner of ul. Miodowa and ul. Kapitulna, named after its then proprietor Honorata Zimerman; this still functions today, although a different atmosphere now reigns here.

Building of the Public Prosecutor's Office of the District and of Appeals and the building which housed the once legendary Pani Brzezińska café

The café Pani Brzezińska [Mrs Brzezińska] (also known as U Brzezińskiej), situated near the Saxon Post Office on ul. Kozia, was, thanks to its excellent location, one of the busiest establishments in Warsaw. Chopin appeared here almost daily.