Warsaw: Bookshops Warsaw: Bookshops

Located on ul. Miodowa (plot no. 481) was the bookshop and music store of Antoni Brzezina, one of the places in Warsaw most often visited by Chopin. In a letter to Tytus Woyciechowski of 3 October 1829, he wrote: 'I go to Brzezina's every day'.[i]

Here he regularly stocked up on sheet music and books. In a room adjoining the bookshop stood a piano, on which he readily played through his new works. Chopin published several of his works through Brzezina's lithographic press.

Also on ul. Miodowa, in a building later known as Kronenberg House (plot no. 486 B), Karol Ludwik Magnus had his music store and musical instrument shop.

Another place doubtless visited by Chopin on his way along ul. Miodowa was the music store of Franciszek Klukowski (plot no. 489), which sold exclusively music-related items, mainly sheet music and instruments.

He also doubtless made purchases in the Dal Trozza bookshop on ul. Senatorska (plot no. 496), in the Fine Arts store of the Frenchman Poirié situated in Krasiński Palace, where the Chopins rented an apartment, and also in Natan Glücksberg's bookshop 'under the pillars' on ul. Miodowa, as well as in the Piarist printing press, where books were not only published, but also sold.

Fryderyk spent long hours in the best Warsaw piano manufacturer's of those times-Buchholtz's on the corner of ul. Mazowiecka and ul. Świętokrzyska (plot no. 1352). There he tried out the new instruments and also had good conditions for playing through works he had composed for two pianos. Buchholtz could surely not have wished for a better advertisement of the instruments produced in his workshop than the recommendation of the most wonderful pianist in Warsaw at that time.

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