Warsaw: Post Office Warsaw: Post Office

Situated in the rococo Wessel Palace, on the corner of Kozia and Trębacka Streets, near Krakowskie Przedmieście Street, was the royal post office, also known as the Saxon Post Office. The palace itself was built in the mid eighteenth century and originally belonged to General Franciszek Jan Załuski; it functioned as the seat of the post office from 1780.

Attached to the post office was a station from which parcels were dispatched and stage coaches departed. It is often mentioned in the literature that it was from here that on 2 November 1830 Chopin set out on what would be his farewell journey from Poland. It appears that he did indeed send out his baggage from here on that day and also bade farewell to his nearest and dearest. Fryderyk's final farewell with his friends, however, took place at a post-house in the Wola district on the city boundary.

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